What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.


Public speaking

The Globalized Family Office – Rosalyn to sit on panel at the Bermuda Executive Forum 2018
November 27th 2018, ME Hotel, London
On 27 November, Rosalyn will be a panelist at the Bermuda Executive Forum 2018 in London. Keith Johnson, founder of the Family Office Council will be moderating.

‘Financial services of the future, today’ - Rosalyn to speak at the TELFA Conference
November 9th 2018, Copenhagen
On Friday 9 November 2018. Rosalyn will be speaking at the Transeuropean Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) Fall Conference.

Seminar - wealth management: diversity and differentiation
October 9th 2018, Wedlake Bell, London
Rosalyn Breedy will be chairing a seminar on Tuesday 9 October co-hosted by Wedlake Bell Solicitors and Syracuse Partners titled ‘Wealth management: diversity and differentiation’.

Perception versus reality – Rosalyn to speak at the Outsourcing Conference 2018
October 3rd 2018, Wedlake Bell, London
Wedlake Bell LLP in London will be hosting Compeer’s Outsourcing Conference 2018 on 3 October where Rosalyn Breedy will be speaking about the concerns related to outsourcing in wealth management firms.

Into the dragon’s den: WHIreland Investor Forum event 2018
September 24th 2018, London
On 24 September 2018 Rosalyn Breedy will be acting as one of the ‘dragons’ at the WHIreland Investor Forum event at The Soho Hotel in London.