What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.


Public speaking

MGI Global Family Office Investment Conference
December 8th 2010, Zurich
Rosalyn will be speaking on the topic of “Understanding & Addressing the Risks in Family Office Private Equity Investment Vehicles”

Wealth Management & Family Office Advisory Forum 2010
November 23rd 2010, London
The annual meeting place for UHNW & Family Office advisors

Seminar Disruptive Business – the new way to innovate.
September 28th 2010, Real Broadgate Art Show, Broadgate Circle, London
Tried and tested models of business are being thrown out and smart entrepreneurs are questioning convention and turning protocol on its head.

Real Broadgate Art Show
September 26th 2010, Broadgate Circle, London
For the art lovers amongst you, Breedy Henderson will be sponsoring a public exhibition of figurative art under a canopy for these three days (Figurative art references the real world whilst conceptual art is based on ideas.)

European Family Office & Wealth Management Forum
June 6th 2010, Geneva
Rosalyn Breedy will be participating in the European Family Office & Wealth Management Forum in Geneva from 7-9 June 2010