We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

Public Speaking

Exploring family office current trends and best practices
December 8th 2021, London

On 8 December 2021, Rosalyn Breedy participated in a panel discussion hosted by Goldman Sachs, exploring current trends and best practices in family offices.

The key issues which were covered included:

  • migration of family offices;
  • talent acquisition
  • professional-isation of family offices;
  • the broader representation of blended families
  • transparency, governance and regulation;
  • (im)patience, social media and succession;
  • reputational safety and online reputation;
  • the distinction between charitable giving and impact; and
  • ESG and ESG-plus – diversity and investing.

Other panel members included:

  • David Bowen, partner at EY Private;
  • Jennifer Smithson, partner at Macfarlanes; and
  • Paul Douglas, managing director of Accuro Fiduciary.

The discussion was followed by some quick-fire questions, including:

  • Has the pandemic had any impact on family office behaviours?
  • How is the technology utilised by family offices keeping pace with the changes and working/travel habits as a result of the pandemic)?
  • With the rise of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs and wider decentralised technologies, how have clients reacted to this rapid growth in interest?

The panel was moderated by Darren Allaway, managing director of consumer and investment management at Goldman Sachs, and organised by Jazz Pearcey, and David Njoroge, executive directors at Goldman Sachs.