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The transition from office to home working due to Covid-19 has been enabled by modern technology with video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Skype bridged the distance between employees and managers. But can it replace face-to-face interactions in the workplace in the long term?

In an article for Citywealth, written by April French-Furnell, Rosalyn contributes some practical advice on how employees can still impress their boss over video calls and continue moving their career forward.  

Some key aspects discussed include: 

  • adapting to the different dynamic of video calls; 

  • how to ensure you still receive professional training; 

  • team inclusion with video meetings 

  • business development – how to do it digitally; and 

  • working from home permanently. 

As one of the key things many people have struggled with is the different dynamic of video calls with multiple participantsRosalyn suggests: 

“Raise your hand on the app. Ask questions and add comments on chatTry and do that within the first five minutes as it gets more difficult the longer you wait.” 

She also noted that as professional training and development may be more difficult to organise by employerstaking control of your own progress is more important than ever and could be done virtually:  

You need to be more proactive in your learning and skills acquisition, especially if client interactions lessen. 

And for those who are thinking about working from home permanently: 

It may be initially more productive but if you don't see your team and your network you may find that you start to miss out, as many opportunities are given to the people who are around. It is good for your mental health to connect with people in person and we learn more when we are able to pick up social cues in person.” 

You can read the full article ‘Careers during Covid’ on the Citywealth website.