We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

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The death of Huang Jung- tu, Taiwanese founder of Mayfull’s Food corporation, tragically resulted in a board room shootout and the death of two of his sons, following a bitter dispute over dividing the business empire. In light of this, Rosalyn Breedy examines the importance of a strategic plan for family businesses.

Rosalyn explores all the angles a strategic plan needs to consider, including:

 Who will ensure the continued success of the business?

  • Should all family members be given the opportunity to join the business?
  • Can sibling rivalry be harnessed for the benefit of the business rather than becoming a destructive force?
  • How will you provide for family members who do not play an active role in the business?
  • How will money be distributed?

 Rosalyn also considers some of the challenges that family businesses will face and advocates taking a modular approach to ensure flexibility is built in and can adapt if the environment and family needs changes.

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